Zohara - Art on Tights - was launched in Israel in January 2010. The desire to combine art and fashion in an original way, was the driving force behind the Zohara brand.

The brand is featured on the shelves of many fashion stores around Israel, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Canada, the United States and other places around the world.

The inspiration behind each collection is drawn from cultures, colorfulness and styles of different places around the world, and they are reflected in the fashionable tights we like to call – art. All the drawings are original, hence each year the Zohara collection boasts unique, yet on trend tights. These exciting and varied collections ensure that you can always find a design that will add a fashionable edge to your favourite outfit.

The tights collection is almost endless… The rich variety of colors, spectacular selection of patterns, and wide range of styles, allow every woman to find the right design for her and enjoy a style that is fashionable yet comfortable.

The 120 denier printed tights are soft and smooth, they arrive in abundance of opaque colors, in one size that fits women sizes 6-14, and flatters every body shape.

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