In 2012 fashion fanatic and colour devotee Carolina Palaez started a business specialising in fashion nail polish and nail accessories. Her dream was to create products so incredibly desirable and unique that you’d always want at least two. The brand name soon evolved into TOY, the acronym of Two of You, and Palaez began championing #TOYStyle with an ever increasing selection of innovative nail products. Viewing TOY polishes more as accessories than beauty products, Palaez took to social media with great gusto – sharing her bright, dynamic life with followers on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. She began uploading tips, ideas, news and trends daily and encouraged her TOY community to have fun with her TOY creations. Today Palaez shares her #TOYDream with over 25 000 people across the globe.

Palaez is passionate about the environment and sustainability. TOY products are ecologically sound, not tested on animals, free from commonly used toxic ingredients including formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and acetone, and meet safety requirements of the EU, USA (FDA) and Japan. The bottles are made from recycled glass and the packaging from bleach free craft paper.TOY launched in South Africa in November 2013, with an array of dazzling colours. Already a favourite with beauty editors and bloggers alike, TOY sets its sights on the fashion set with a bold offering that adds a splash of glamour to any look.

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