Camila Restrepo is founder and creator of Antilope. She is a graphic designer and illustrator that created this brand as a way of translating her passion to the world, and as a way of creating a universe of possibilities in a woman's wardrobe. It was during her master studies in Textile design in Madrid, that she decided to delight the world with her creations, and upon her return to Medellin Antilope became a reality, as a way of keeping her love for nature and manual arts alive.

Antilope designs are colourful, full of stories and charisma. Every piece is carefully finished by hand, and supervised to guarantee love at first sight, for those who find in Antilope more than products, exclusive pieces. The versatility of the fabrics and designs, provides a huge range of styles and ways of using each print.

Camila creates stories for every woman that wants to give a touch of sophistication to her style, but above all she creates for those who really appreciate the enrichment that brings within hand-drawn illustration and well-finished pieces. In every print there is a story that carries her own experiences and love for nature, that with carefully selected colors turn out into patterns that bring life to the fabrics.

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